‘Nutrition’ is a massive subject. Earlier this week I gave you a little intro into the importance of good Nutrition. Rather than tackle the whole thing, I want to start with advice that is relevant to you as a mum-to-be or new mum. I hope this will help you to gain a better insight into how a balanced diet can help you before, during, after birth and beyond.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at:

  • Pregnancy Preparation.
  • Pregnancy & Weight Gain.
  • Losing Weight after giving Birth.
  • Breastfeeding.

Pregnancy Preparation.

During the pre-pregnancy stage it is very important to ensure you optimise your nutrient stores by consuming a varied and balanced diet. Some would suggest the Eatwell Guide. However, some recent studies are now suggesting we should actually throw out this Plate and start again. But that’s a discussion for another day!

Most Mums-to-be recognise the importance of eating well and having a healthy lifestyle whilst pregnant. But did you know that a woman’s nutritional status before conception can be key to conceiving, and also have an affect on the health of the unborn child?

A Balanced Diet

In an ideal world, mums-to-be need to start pregnancy with an optimal store of vitamins and minerals. We need a balanced and varied diet to achieve this. It is important to eat plenty of varied fruits and vegetables. We should also have some starchy foods such bread, rice, pasta, potatoes etc – preferably wholegrain. Also included should be a smaller amount of oils and spreads (unsaturated fats), milk and dairy products. Finally there are non-dairy products such as beans, pulses, fish, eggs, meat. If possible, eat less red meat and avoid processed meats.

Having a sensible diet will help you maintain a healthy weight. Being either underweight or overweight can once again affect your chances of becoming pregnant.

A balanced diet is extremely crucial. It will often provide the adequate vitamins and minerals for the majority of Mums-to-be, during and after pregnancy. But we also need other nutrients that we can’t find easily in a balanced diet. We will be looking at these in the next blog.

I trust the above has given you some insight. At the very least I hope it has got you thinking about your nutritional health.

Have a fabulous Friday and thank you for showing up!

Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Baby!