Today I am thinking about the importance of a balance between giving and receiving. As parents, we give a lot! From the moment that little miracle is conceived, we give it everything it needs to grow and develop, nourishing them with our body. Once baby is born, your life might seem like it will never be the same again. Every ounce of your time and energy gets poured into love and protecting that little life. As baby gets older, some mums need to balance motherhood with going back to work.

Whatever our age or profession (and, by the way, I think being a stay-home Mum is a skilled job too 😍) – sometimes we need to take a step back, and give ourselves a pat on the back. It can be all too easy to become overwhelmed in everyday life.

Be Proud of Yourself

I think it is so important to remember to look for the things that spark joy in your life. The big things, and the little things. Take a moment today to think about what you are proud of!

Thinking about getting fit again? Well done!

Have you started to get some exercise? Well done!

Are you in full swing on your health and fitness? Well done!

Have managed a shower this week, or got a little more sleep (after running around after your family)!? Well done!

The list is endless of all the achievements you have made this far this week… WELL DONE!

Quote of the Day

Remember mums, you are doing brilliantly! Be proud of yourself, because every positive step is progress. I like to think that everything thought leads to a feeling, which leads to action, which leads to results. So as Golda Meir (love these quotes!) once said…

“Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”

So as you come to the end of the week, take a moment to really enjoy your day. No matter what happens, there is always a spark of possibility somewhere in your horizon.

Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Baby!

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