March is here already! Despite those few sunny days we had at the end of February, spring isn’t here quite yet. But it is certainly on its way. So today we are going to talk about Stage Five of the Six Stages of Change – Maintenance.


This is when we have been doing exercise for 6 months or more. Our exercise behaviours and routines are more stable, but there is still a risk of them dropping by the wayside. Developing good habits takes time and effort – physical and mental! Researchers at the University College London estimate it can take more than two months to set a habit, which is longer than you might think.

Once you’ve been building on your goals for a few months, you will be starting to feel the benefit in your everyday life – less tiredness, more energy, better mood. Those extra pounds gained during pregnancy are starting to drop away, and those pre-pregnancy clothes are fitting better. But whatever your goal might be, you can feel proud that you have stuck with your programme and are well on your way to achieving what you set out to achieve!

Does this resonate with you? YES? Are you wondering where you go from here? Look no further as there are many wonderful ways to work out that are fun and easy to do. We can work together to fit them into your schedule, no matter what else you have going on.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget if you have any other questions, drop me a line here or through my Facebook!

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Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Baby!