So over the last few weeks I have been chatting about the benefits of exercise and the 6 Stages of Change we all go through when making a lifestyle change. The fact that you are here reading this blog means you already have good intentions to make a change. Do you want to get back to your regular routine of exercise, or want to change things up after becoming bored with the way you work out?

I’ve been working with my team on some great videos, including exercises for both Pre & Postnatal Mummies. I’ll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks, over on my Facebook and YouTube pages. Videos are a great way to share this information, as we can show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Our Relationship With Food

In meantime, I thought I would address that good old subject… nutrition. I heard the groans 😜 but it’s the elephant in the room. When I was younger, I spent years doing the merry-go-round of fad diets. But I can’t say this loudly enough; “We weren’t meant to count calories!”

Yup I will say it loud and clear again…”WE WEREN’T MEANT TO COUNT CALORIES!’

Nor were we put on this earth to keep jumping on and off scales. I think mine is collecting dust somewhere 🙈

Our mindset and relationship with our bodies is so important – and this is even more important when we are expecting and our bodies are going through new changes. Having been a personal trainer now for some years, I found it wasn’t good enough to just deal with how someone wanted to look or feel. I witnessed it went deeper than that.

Nutrition is one half of the challenge – it goes hand-in-hand with exercise to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. But before we start looking at what we are eating, we need to look at our mindset. How we think about ourselves, our bodies, our shapes, our food – its all linked. At You Baby Beyond, we offer a holistic approach to living a healthier life. As well as bespoke workouts, we can also work with you to build better nutrition into your everyday life. Later this week, I will go deeper into this subject.

Enjoy the rest of your day and remember Mummies, believe in yourself as you are amazing.

Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Baby!