2019 is already a month in, and some of those New Years Resolutions might be starting to waver. The intention might be there, but maybe we’ve tried to do too much too soon – and slowly we find ourselves sliding back into old habits.

Over the next few weeks I would like to introduce you to the Six Stages of Change we will all go through when we are changing to an active lifestyle. 

The Six Stages of Change

A renewed focus on health and fitness is often at the centre of our thoughts and plans when we start the new year. For some, this means a shiny new gym membership. For others, it might be Veganuary. Or may it is just about trying to eat more healthily. For some this transition comes naturally, whilst for others it will take time and patience. We understand that even with the best of intentions, this change can be really tough – especially when life, family, friends and work need to be prioritised. And that’s where we come in! My team and I are here to nurture, support and guide you on your journey – working with you to find a lifestyle that is sustainable, healthy, and (most importantly) fun!

Whether this is your first pregnancy, or you’ve been here before, you deserve every possible chance for it to be as wonderful as possible. But when any struggles do arrive (and they will), you can use them to strengthen your resolve. Turn the challenges into change. This time, and the way you are able to cope with it, can shape you positively as a person, as a partner, as a mother. I have been through this journey myself (twice!) and that is why I am here. I want to support my fellow mums, physically, mentally, holistically.


Before We Get Going

It would be so easy for me just to list all six Stages of Change in one go. But I want to make this about YOU and how you’re going to experience this journey. The fact that you are looking at this post is a step in itself. So well done for simply turning up; it shows you want to make a change. I also said I would make this fun, because lets be honest, things in life can be tough enough. This whole process is about making your life easier, not harder! So I am going to break this down into bitesized pieces. 

Ready? Let’s begin!

Stage One – Pre-Contemplation

I like to think about this as our ‘blind spot’ – i.e. when we haven’t even thought about exercising. Maybe you are feeling a bit down about how much weight you’ve put on in your pregnancy. Or maybe you are feeling exhausted and unsure how to cope with a new little one. These challenges can seem harder when you are feeling out of shape or lethargic. 

Starting to sound familiar? Then maybe now is the time to stop asking yourself why you feel this way – and to start thinking about how you can make a change for the better. It doesn’t have to be drastic, or scary, or all-in-one-go. Start with a small change. One step. Set your intention, take a deep breath and take the first step – towards a happier, healthier you. And a happier, healthier life. 

Keep an eye out for our next post, Stage Two – Contemplation. 

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Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Baby!