Spring is Coming

Isn’t it a gorgeous day today? Here in Tunbridge Wells it is beautifully sunny – the first time this year we’ve needed to dig out our sunglasses. And there are even a few flowers starting to pop up in the garden. It makes us look forward to the Spring! This week we have been doing a bit of gardening – cutting back bushes and moving plants around in the flower beds. Spring might not be here quite yet but we will be prepared for it when it does come!

And Speaking of Preparation…

Today we are continuing on with our Six Stages of Change. We have already looked at Stage One and Stage Two, and today is all about Stage Three – Preparation!

Just like those first little flower buds are popping out of the earth ready for the change in weather, so too are we starting to make little commitments to a change of our own. By Stage Three, we are dipping our toes into the exercise waters. We might not be ready to jump in, but the intention is there. Maybe it starts with a change of diet, or the decision to walk more rather than driving. Whatever your change may be, it is one step on your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. It might not seem a lot, but don’t underestimate the power of that first little change!

So why not make the most of this weather to get out and have a walk in the glorious sunshine? Even when you are feeling down or a bit overwhelmed by life, a simple walk can do wonders.

A Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers is definitely on our playlist for the day; a great song to listen to on your walk! So pop those headphones in, grab your sunglasses and get on out there.

And remember
Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Baby!