Who is Fitness Central; You Baby & Beyond for?

We cater for Mums (including Dads) either before conception, during pregnancy, birth and recovery.

What makes Fitness Central; You Baby & Beyond different from any other health & fitness group?

A dedicated team of Health & Fitness Professionals has been assembled with only Mums in mind and we don’t just stop there! Dads are included too, should you require the services of any of the Holistic therapies, as complications can arise at any time before, during or after birth. Let’s face it, this wonderful journey doesn’t always go the way we plan or expect, so if a problem occurs the team is here to support in both an emotional and practical way.

Fitness results, what can I expect?

The benefits are endless and depend not only on the package you choose but also what you put in. But as a taster here are a few listed below:

  • During pregnancy exercise helps prevent or reduce back pain, leg camps, fatigue, constipation, excessive weight gain, urinary incontinence, varicose veins, nausea, insomnia, diastasis recti, anxiety, depression, swelling of the limbs, muscle imbalances, pregnancy induced hypertension and medical intervention during delivery e.g. labour inducing drugs, caesarean section and forceps
  • Exercise increases or improves posture, cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance, functional capacity, energy levels, circulation and blood flow, core strength to help support the baby, recovery time after the birth
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Wake up with more energy which will see you throughout the day, whether you’re a Mum-to-be or one already
  • Everyday tasks will become easier as you build strength
  • Find your mojo again – find YOU
  • Happy and confident
  • After birth get back to fitting your clothes and feel great looking in the mirror.

Can I pay as I go?

Unfortunately not as the packages have been designed with specific goals in mind for you and baby.

Are there any classes I can attend?

Watch this space as new classes are currently being planned for release next year.

So I think I am ready to get started but still have a few more questions to ask. Can I contact you?

Absolutely! If you have any other questions not answered above then don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email me. Pop on over to the ‘Contact the Team’ page and I will chat to you soon.

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