Ulrike Holzer

Hello, my name is Ulrike Holzer. I am a registered and fully insured Homeopath with additional training in herbalism, nutrition and flower essences. I studied at the South East College of Homeopathy in England and hold a Licentiate Diploma in Homeopathy and I am a Member of the Southern College of Homeopathy, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. In February 2014 I gained a diploma in Homeopathic Mesotherapy (Biopuncture) in London.

I am registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and as such a strict Code of Ethics and Practice govern me. My clinic is in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Before becoming a homeopath, I was a qualified nurse specialising in Intensive Care. I discovered homeopathy in 1988 when working in a homeopathic hospital in Germany as an Intensive Care Nurse. Although conventional drugs have been the main choice for treating the critically ill patients there have been times when homeopathic medicines were given too, and the results were amazing!

A few years later my first son was born in that same hospital. Again, I was amazed and fascinated about the wonderful effects of homeopathy as I watched my new-born son getting well within minutes after having been given just one dose of a homeopathic medicine to restore his vitality.

This led me on a path of discovery and fired my passion for healing and in 2006 I qualified as a homeopath after four years of intensive & professional training. Since then I have built my practice at a steady rate with professional and honest ethics.

During my professional training and my continual professional development I have been fortunate to learn from many well-known homeopaths and with that combined wealth of experience I have the expertise necessary to work with many 21st century health needs.

Although I have a general practice and treating people with a variety of conditions, I love treating mums to be and support them with this gentle form of medicine during pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Homeopathy can be very helpful for ailments associated with pregnancy, and it is great for promoting healing after birth. It can also be used to help with anxiety associated with this sensitive time. After the birth homeopathic remedies can be used to ease the transition into family life for parents, baby and siblings.

Is Homeopathy safe to use during Pregnancy and Childbirth?

Homeopathy is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy, childbirth, the postnatal period and for breastfeeding mums and their babies. It is one of many natural therapies that can enhance your body’s own healing ability, bringing balance and well-being and in most cases the elimination of symptoms and overall improvement in health.

Unlike conventional drugs homeopathic medicines are non-addictive and have no unwanted or dangerous side effects. Homeopathy doesn’t interfere with conventional medicine and is ideal to use at times when you might not want to use conventional drugs.

Individualised Treatment

The concept of homeopathy is understanding and treating the whole person. It offers you a truly individual approach to healing and recognises both physical and mental/emotions are interdependent. Each remedy is individually chosen and a remedy is picked to match your particular symptoms. What this means is that two people with the same symptoms can be prescribed completely different remedies because the treatment is based on you as an individual and not just your symptoms.

Three words that describe me: happy, caring & compassionate

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