Prenatal Packages

What stage are you at?

Congratulations! So you are pregnant? Whether it is your first time or you are taking another dance around the baby block, your body over the next 9 months, will undergo some pretty amazing and complex changes to grow and sustain life.

There are many myths surrounding what you should and shouldn’t do during your pregnancy from what to eat, how to exercise, what birthing method should you use and so on and so on. Well look no further because here at You Baby Beyond, we have you covered from getting started, providing advice and full support throughout your journey. Our only clients are You and Baby!

What problems are you facing right now?

  • Is it okay to exercise?
  • Will exercise harm the baby?
  • How active should I be when expecting?
  • How will I feel whilst exercising during pregnancy?
  • What exercises should I follow during each trimester?
  • Can exercise help with my mood swings?
  • I’m overweight, can I still exercise and what should I do?
  • Do you suffer from any of the following, back pain, leg camps, fatigue, constipation, morning sickness, excessive weight gain, urinary incontinence, varicose veins, insomnia, diastasis recti, anixety, depression, swelling of the limbs, muscle imbalances, pregnancy induced hypertension? Exercise can prevent or reduce the above.

What you need help with right now?

  • You know you need to exercise but your not sure where to start, so your looking for a trainer who is knowledgable, hands on and who will ensure that the correct exercise programme is prescribed which will allow you to work out safely and correctly within the 3 trimesters (0-3, 3-6, 6-9 months.)
  • As a pregnant Mum you are ‘special.’ Why? because each Mum-to-be has particular needs over and above those of the ‘general public.’ So you need a trainer who understands those needs, gets you into a regular exercise routine that is flexible, versatile, creative, fun and fits around your day.
  • You know that ‘eating for two’ is a myth and that nutrition plays a significant part in helping to keep you and baby healthy, so you need a trainer who understands nutrition and can offer nutritional advice as part of the package.
  • You want to take your fitness and nutrition one step further by selecting other Holistic therapies but not sure what, where or who to contact.

How can our packages help you?

Think of You Baby Beyond as one stop shopping. Everything that you need can be acquired under one roof. Just check out our packages below and when you are ready to go, just click the button below to claim your free 60 min workout & consultation session at our 1-2-1 boutique studio based in Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.


Let’s Get Going 1-2-1

You Baby Beyond is dedicated to offering you the highest quality of service when it comes to Pre & Postnatal Training. Simply put our clients are YOU. All our time is dedicated to the well-being of you and your baby. Each team member has years of experience and knowledge and is dedicated to finding the right package for YOU!


  • Current information on your health and fitness status including blood pressure readings, height and weight, RHR (resting heart rate) score & BMI.
  • Individual exercise plans to suit your goals and requirements from a combination of trainings e.g. aerobic, advance resistance, functional equipment, core and pelvic floor training.
  • On-going support to keep you motivated, happy, healthy and on track.
  • Access to private FB support group

Happy Foods, Train & Gain

As well as your one of a kind individual exercise plan, you will receive up-to-date nutritional advice. The maze to understanding what is a healthy balance diet can be very confusing, with so many on-line forums telling Mums-to-be what to eat and what not to eat. Here at You Baby Beyond we provide simple, practical and easy to follow instructions on how to achieve that balanced and varied diet.

Bespoke Packages:

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Baby

We aren’t just passionate about personal training, nutritional advice and support, we also realise that for a Mum-to-be her journey is so much more.

At You Baby Beyond a wonderful team of health care professionals has been assembled so we can provide you with the best knowledge to make the right informed choices prior to conception, during pregnancy, birth and recovery. We are here to motivate, inspire and to create a holistic and loving environment where you will feel secure and supported. Interested? To find out more about our Fitness & Health Care Professionals visit our ‘Meet the Team‘.

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