Happy Thursday

It’s time for a book recommendation! I know there are literally THOUSANDS of baby books out there – covering all aspects of conception, pregnancy and parenthood. Sometimes the sheer amount of information can seem daunting. So it can be helpful to get a recommendation from friends or fellow parents. I will be sharing some of my favourite and most trusted books with you, to help you sift through the many choices. I know everyone’s journey is different, so they may not be the books for you. But I am hoping that if I found them useful, you might too!

Part of my job is making sure I keep up-to-date on education. I love to read and find out what the most current vibes and ideas are for when it comes to training my lovely ladies. Having been in the fitness industry for a while, I find having a sound knowledge base can really help you understand what your mind and body are doing and feeling. It also helps you make informed choices.

So today I want to recommend a book…

It’s called So You’re Going to Have a Baby, written by Adam Ringham and Chris Kirckof. Published in 2017, it’s available on Amazon and other online retailers. It’s written from the perspective of Adam’s baby journey. I love this book because it covers many topics and backs them up with data and studies, so that you can make those informed choices.

I wish this book had been around when I had my two boys! As it says on the back cover, ‘This isn’t a book to tell you what decision to make – but is instead a book of questions for you to ask your Doctor.‘ Now that can’t be a bad thing surely? The book covers topics including Ultrasounds, Vaccines, Vitamin K Shot, Folic Acid, Delayed Cord Clamping, Mitochondrial Disorders and more. Sounds overwhelming? Then maybe this is the book for you; ‘If you’re looking for a book to help gently guide you on how to work with your doctor to make the right medical decisions for you and your family – this is it.’

The Cover of the Book shows a pregnant lady talking to her female doctor

Have a look below at some of the Amazon reviews:

“Clear and easy to read, the author makes it so much easier to educate and to understand what the issues are and how to combat them” ~ Mel

“True informed consent is hearing all of the pros/cons and then making an informed decision for your family. Add this to your ‘must read’ list!” ~Lindsay Krause

“Even if you think you don’t have questions now, this will open your mind and give you a great starting point to finding more information” ~ Anne

Read more Amazon reviews here.

Happy reading! I hope this recommendation can be helpful. Why don’t you leave a comment below and let me know how you get on.

Happy Body, Happy Mind, Happy Baby!